The Making of Monsters Class Showcase (Fall 2020)

11/02/2020 08:00 PM - 09:30 PM CST




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A showcase of works developed through The Making of Monsters taught by Hester Kamin.


The Making of Monsters Class Showcase (Fall 2020)

Monday, Nov. 2
7:00pm - 9:00pm Central Time



Join us for a class showcase on Monday, November 2 at 7pm CST!  This presentation features work developed in our latest course The Making of Monsters, taught by Hester Kamin.


About the Course:

From Iago to Grendel, from The Snow Queen to Lady Macbeth, how are antagonists born? What backstory and what conflicting systems of need and desire fuse to create characters who plant seeds of jealousy and doubt, summon chaos, and fuel violence? This course asks questions about the development of conscience, the nature of evil, and the relationship between history, fate, and choice.


About the Showcase:

The playwrights featured in this showcase are:

Ambrose Cappuccio (Network Member)
Jane Goldenberg (Network Member)
Ean Miles Kessler (Network Director)
Mary Parisoe
Maria Pretzl (Network Member)
Nancy Schaefer
Andrea Trotenberg (Network Member)


These scripts will be presented online by professional actors on Monday, November 2, at 7:00pm CST.  This class showcase is free and open to the public. Register now to reserve your spot.