Network Playwright Registration Reopening

03/30/2020 12:00 PM - 08:00 PM CST


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The Network Playwright Program reopens registration on Monday, March 30. Another 50 members will be accepted online, via registration form.


Network Playwright Registration  

Chicago Dramatists is proud to announce the expansion of the Network Playwright Program. We will still reopen membership to another 50 members on Monday, March 30.  All members who sign up on that day will recieve the early-bird special, and registration will cap at 50 new members.  We will be releasing an online application on the day of, and all registration will be done electronically.  We look forward to opening the doors to another wave of fantastic playwrights!

The Network Playwright Program stands as one of the founding pillars of Chicago Dramatists, and is a core element of what we do here.  Our members are dedicated to the craft and art of playwriting, and use this network and these resources to further develop their practice and abilities.  The development of our Network Playwrights is a central component of Chicago Dramatists' mission, and we are thrilled to be expanding our ranks.

Registration will start at noon on March 30 and the early-bird special will be available throughout day.


Blood and Water...

We had originally planned to present a staged reading of Network Member Andy Mayo's play Blood and Water, which was first written and developed here at Chicago Dramatists, before going on to receive a smash run at Aux Dog Theater in Albuquerque, NM, That reading will be rescheduled as soon as the theater is back up and running, as a celebration of Andy's success, The Network Playwright Program, and the reopening of the Russ Tutterow Theatre.  Following the reading, there will be an open discussion with playwright and Network Member Andy Mayo, Artistic Director Carson Grace Becker, Resident Playwright Will Dunne, and Network Director Ean Miles Kessler.  We will be sure to release details and that information as soon as they are settled, and we look forward to celebrating this incredible playwright, and his bold new work!

About Andy Mayo...

After a career in business that first brought him to Chicago, Network Playwright Andy Mayo began writing plays and returned to Chicago a year ago to study with Chicago Dramatists. Blood and Water had two readings during that time and the script was finalized for production in his hometown, Albuquerque, NM. He began his playwriting with a one-man show Wish Upon A Star, intimate reflections of Walt Disney. He is a member of Dramatists Guild and a Chicago Dramatists Network Playwright.


"At first glance, Blood and Water, looks like a Sam Shepard knock-off. If you're not a Sam Shepard fan, don't let that put you off. I enjoyed this play more than I ever enjoyed any Sam Shepard play that I have seen." – Dean Yannias, Talkin’ Broadway


"Blood and Water, the newest production playing at the Aux Dog Theatre (and a world premiere at that) is a strong new piece from Albuquerque based playwright Andy Mayo examining the relationship between two brothers over one fateful Christmas." – Zoe Burke, Broadwayworld


"The play’s themes of loneliness, lost memories, sibling rivalry and desperate love combine in a startling study of revenge, betrayal and the possibility of forgiveness." – Director Victoria J. Liberatori, Aux Dog Theatre’s Producing Artistic Director


Network Registration:  Online

Date:  Monday, March 30

Network Registration:  12:00pm - 8:00pm CST